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How to order by email

Step 1: Preparation the before ordering
Before ordering, please check the following requirements:
- Material, size, number of products
- Technical Requirements
- Product market if available
Step 2: Email orders
- Please enter the information to the email in this format:
Name of products_ material_ size_ quantity
State the technical requirements necessary
Song Long labels _ 2583 _ deca_l50x50_ 10 000
Requirements: Rolling membrane
Step 3: Our Company would receive emails and reply as soon as possible.
Step 4: The customer would be required to submit the market of products so it can be designed and quoted price accordingly
Step 5: Production contract will be conducted according to state regulations. Our company would begin production process immediately afterwards
Payment Guide
Direct payments:
If customers want to pay directly, welcome to Hoang Nam Private Enterprise at the address:
Số 8 Ngõ 2 Ngách 2/2 Phố Cầu Đất, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội to complete the payment with the company accountant.
Payment via bank transfer:
Bank transfer:
Customers can transfer to the following account:
Account Name: Doanh Nghiệp Tư Nhân Hoàng Nam
STK: 2431 102 01 000 167
East bank branch in Hanoi Viettinbank
Our company will proceed to production immediately after the payment is received.

Tư vấn in ấn:  Nguyễn Hoàng Long
Call: 098 506 1994
Số ĐT bàn : 043 9322 562
Số fax: 042 9326 179
Email: in.hoangnampte@gmail.com
Skype: hoangnamprivateinterprise