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WELCOME TO HOANG NAM Joined-stocked Company WEBSITE!!

Hoang Nam Company has stood firmly in the market of printing and packaging manufacturer, labels in Vietnam more than 15 years. We always proud of our reliability responsibility to domestic and foreign customers . We will fulfil the needs of customers and perform out best at all the products entrusted regardless of how big or small quantity.


Năng lực

Hoang Nam Private Enterprise is the professional in the field of design and printing with the following product lines:


- Print labels warranty
- Print label clothing
- Print hangtags
- Print decal
- Print Packaging
- Print decal sticker roll machine, etc ...
Products are printed from 1 color to multicolor, rolling diaphragm, closing cut in form and at the request of customers.
Why Hoang Nam?
1. Cheap printing services: you will get cheap package cost, including design, printing, finishing all kinds of labels, leaflets, catalogs, paper box ...
2. Quality: design & print labels pretty standard specifications, reasonable material.
3. Progress: time fast order fulfillment, which can meet the need for the hurry, the loads of products of customers after 1-3 days
4. The capacity of large-scale production: the current system in the factory, full of label printers, offset paper 2 colors, 4 color modern technology, in various sizes, and rolling processing system, closing, trimming, folding, punching ore, into the glue of auto ... Ensure all your orders are produced, monitoring the quality and progress in the best way.
Coming to Hoang Nam Private Interprise, you will experience the impeccable service is the cheapest!
Hoang Nam honored to serve you!


Tư vấn in ấn:  Nguyễn Hoàng Long
Call: 098 506 1994
Số ĐT bàn : 043 9322 562
Số fax: 042 9326 179
Email: in.hoangnampte@gmail.com
Skype: hoangnamprivateinterprise